Eco Personal Garden Products

Broken Pot


The Broken Pot is the first oversized garden planter in the series. Don’t spend hours and wasted money on ceramic pots and tools to create this masterpiece. We did all the hard work for you. The Broken Pot is an instant classic!

  • Double wall construction
  • Includes drain holes
  • 5 planting chambers
  • Dimensions: 24” diameter x 20” tall
  • Three colors available



The Acorn oversized garden planter is a work of art and is a great conversation piece. The 2-color sculpted design will add color and texture to your garden. What fairy wouldn’t want to live in this 3-chamber oasis.

Warning: Eco Personal Garden is not responsible for giant squirrel infestations!

  • Double wall construction
  • Includes drain holes
  • 3 planting chambers
  • Dimensions: 30” wide x 20” tall



The Walnut is a 1-Chamber oversized garden planter that can also double as an outdoor storage container. It’s a great place to store those hose nozzles, small garden tool or even your dog’s favorite frisbee.

  • Double wall construction
  • Includes drain hole
  • 1 planting or storage chamber
  • Hinged lid
  • Can be used for garden tools or toy storage in your yard
  • Dimensions: 30” wide x 20” tall

The Eden Fountain

  • Double wall construction
  • Dimensions: 36dia” x  27” tall
  • Includes drain holes in planting area
  • 3 Piece-no tools required
  • Includes water pump

Personal Garden Junior

The Personal Garden Junior is an ideal growing system for vegetables, fruits and herbs. It can also be used in the classroom for butterfly nurseries. It comes with a cover to keep out insects and animals or to keep your caterpillars and butterflies inside.

  • Double wall construction
  • Low-maintenance and ease of assembly – no tools required
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor
  • Gravity fed water flow means zero water waste and healthier plants
  • Designed for those with mobility issues
  • Optional cover choices for specific environments
  • Optional kit for customizing organically “brewed” or commercial fertilizers
  • Internal dimensions – 24″ x 18” x 10″ deep
  • External dimensions – 30″ x 24” x 48” tall
  • One gallon water reservoir
  • Four sizes available

Self-Watering Raised Garden Bed

  • Double wall construction
  • 5’ x 5’ x 10” deep garden bed with 48″ tall 12 gallon water or nutrient tank
  • Gravity feeds the roots of your plants through soaker hose
  • Great for water conservation
  • Garden bed and water tower tank available separately

Cozy Rocker

  • Double wall construction
  • Four piece inter lock design
  • No hardware or tools required
  • Breaks down for easy storage